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Family, Loyalty, Service
Mountain Kings MCF
We are the Mountain Kings Motorcycle Club Family.
We are a non traditional motorcycle club.
Family to all, Loyalty to each other, and Service to our community.
  1. Memorial Day
  2. On a summer ride.
  3. Summer Run
  4. Embrace the Sun Run 2016
  5. 9/11 Memorial Run 2016
  6. Annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Event
  7. Honor Flight Nevada
  8. Another one!
Family News

We hold rides on the first and third Saturday of every month April-October. Please click here   for ride details!

Other Events
  1. Sacramento National Cemetery Fallens Memorial, Multiple Dates, 2017
    A quarterly memorial service held for our fallen veterans put on by Sacramento National Cemetery. April 12, July 12, Oct 11th.
  2. Run-A-Muca Motorcycle Rally, May 25-28, 2017
    Long dusty roads to that lead to where? This is a fun event for motorcycle enthusiasts to break in that saddle!
  3. Spring Vibrations, June 2-4, 2017
    Join us during this annual event as we ride and co-minlge with other motorcyclists and cool off with rides to Virginia City and Lake Tahoe.
  4. Hollister Independence Rally, June 30-July 3, 2017
    Take a step back in time to where the 3 piece motorcycle clubs started out. Hosted in Hollister, CA this is a good mingle and ride with other clubs. If you can brave a run across the central valley of Cali in the summer, then this offers plenty of back road riding and sites unseen to most!
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